Relevant education and work experience

1992-1995 Academy of arts (Willem de Kooning), Rotterdam
1995 - present Drawings and Paintings, corporate and privately commissioned
1999 - present Organization and artistic supervision art and masterclasses
2007 - 2013 lectureship handdrawing, faculty of Architecture, TU Delft.

Exhibitions, last 10 years

2021: Mall Galeries, London (group)
2020: Gallery Har Hensgens (solo) Vlaardingen, ArtArnhem (art fair), China Culture Center, DenHaag
2019: Galerie Wind (solo) Rotterdam, Galerie Smidse (groeps) Ruurlo.
2018: First Art Fair Amsterdam, stadsmuseum van Woerden (group), Galerie Lokaal54 Terneuzen (group)
2017: Stadsmuseum Woerden (group), galerie Wind, Rotterdam (group), Hilton Orly, Paris (solo), VondelCS, Amsterdam (group)
2016: Galerie Kralingen, Rotterdam (group), Galerie van Veen, Dordrecht (group), Museum Coda, Apeldoorn (group), Hilton Hotel Düsseldorf (solo), Crudo Nijmegen (solo), Bakkerswinkel Rotterdam (duo), Croos Rotterdam (group).
2015: Hilton Park Lane, London (solo), Museum Coda, Apeldoorn (group), Galerie Wind, Rotterdam (solo).
2014: Hooghe Huys, Adorp (group), Galerie Grang de Paul, 'S Hertogenbosch (group), Facultyclub Erasmus University (solo)
2013: Galerie Wind, Rotterdam (group), Swiss Art Space Lausanne (group).
2012: Parklaan (group), Kunstspektakel Kaap (group), kasteel Lunenburg (group), museum dubbeldepalmboom, Rotterdam (group).
2011: Witte Slagerij, Rotterdam (group), Vicini, Rotterdam (group), Zakkendragershuisje (group)